Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Suitcase is PACKED !

You’ve all been sending me some really nice pieces and I’d like to see more. I have my private snack cabinet all stocked up and I got a new pillow for my chair just yesterday. I’ve sharpened all my red pencils too. So, let’s start stuffing that mailbox, okay?

Have you been by the website lately? Our deadline has been moved. The Typesetter let us borrow a cog, and with a little teamwork, we brought it up here to the front office. Now everyone can see it.

And I hear The Publisher has been working on tour dates for 2009. Yeah, I guess it’s not too early to pack the suitcase. (I think you should all bombard him with suggestions.)

Well, I can’t chat with you too long today. The window washers are here and so there’s this really cute guy hanging from ropes just outside my window. I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate on anything. Where’s that granola bar? Ah, there. Yes, I’ll just put my feet up now and watch the view out the window.

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