Friday, November 07, 2008

The Editor is HUNTED !

As an editor I spend a lot of time reading. Yeah, you were pretty much aware of that already. It’s pretty amazing, I’ll tell you! And I don’t have to lift a finger to do it. Someone else brings me a box of chocolates (usually my assistant.) Someone else brings me your submitted work (usually my assistant.) And someone else gives the Publisher his tranquilizer (usually my assistant.)

Now, I might be familiar with the brand of chocolates that my assistant brings, but usually, I don’t know you, who submitted the work I am now going to review. Nor did I have to seek you/your work out. You did that for me. You sought me out!

As a busy person, I think this is just great. Let someone else do the seeking. Let someone else do the searching, the questing, and the research.

I just sit back here in my comfy chair with my box of chocolates and read, judge … and when I have to, clean up the copy. I do this because this is what a good editor does. He/she eats chocolates, reads submissions, and cleans up copy.

Already I feel like a pampered star.

Today, the last chocolate in my box was a cherry filled one, as in filled with a real cherry, not just some cherry-flavored creamy whatever stuff. It was so good! When I ate it, it brought to mind three things. One, how yummy it tasted; two, why weren’t there more in the box; and three, why is it that I, by definition of title, have to wait for writers to come find me?

Yes, why is it that I’m supposed to be the hunted, and not the hunter?

Why can’t I be the hunter once in a while?

Look, there are 5,672 of you over here at this site, and another 2,867 of you over there at that site. One click of my well-trained mouse and you are f-o-u-n-d, baby!
"Whhk-tish!" Head ‘em up, move ‘em out, ride ‘em in!

This should be fun! Now, where’s that assistant of mine? It’s time for the Publisher to have his tranquilizer and I need more chocolates.

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