Saturday, September 21, 2013

Full Sail Ahead!

Yes, you are already doing fine with your writing career. You have several pieces published and are cranking out more. Or, maybe your writing career isn’t launching quite as well as you had hoped. You find yourself on a path of trial and error, in a dizzying game of blind man’s bluff, or bashing your head against a brick wall, over and over and over.

Have you thought about formal education? It certainly can’t hurt. There are innumerable sources available to us today that make getting an education an attainable thing. Whether it’s finding the right college or university, getting funding for your education, or choosing an online course, a degree (applicable or not) is a tremendous credit towards your abilities as a writer.

While researching something completely different today, I ran across the website for Full Sail University. Here’s what caught my eye:

Where your stories have no boundaries.


If you've got an unbridled imagination and a passion for the storytelling found in all types of media, learn how to make your ideas come to life – not only on the printed page, but also on-screen, on the web, and even through games and animation.

Full Sail University's Creative Writing for Entertainment bachelor of fine arts degree program can teach you the concepts and skills needed to write for a variety of media. From exploration of genres and literary devices, to storyboarding and scriptwriting, to the elements of transmedia storytelling, this program introduces you to everything that goes into a compelling narrative.

Specialized courses include:

·         Story Development
·         Storyboarding, Animation and Comics
·         Visual Thinking and Writing
·         Literary Techniques
·         Symbolic Communications
and Cartography
·         Scriptwriting Techniques”

Regardless of whether you think a formal education is within your reach or not, check out Full Sail University, and take that step toward improving your craft. 

Here's where to find out more about Full Sail University:

(Please note: An Honest Lie Speaks is not affiliated with Full Sail University in any way.)

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