Monday, May 02, 2011

12 More Days

With only 12 more days to go, the email postman has admitted that he's swamped with letters and envelopes, all of them brimming with exciting new stories that have been submitted for our next volume of An Honest Lie, Volume 3: Justifiable Hypocrisy.

However, don't let that panic you. He has assured us that no matter how busy he gets, he'll make sure your script(s) will be delivered - as long as you send it on-time, he'll deliver it on-time.

So, turn on the lamp, dust off those pages, stock up on pizza, lock the door, and let those keyboard keys fly!

12 days to perfection. 12 days to submission. 12 days, and not a day more.

Submission guidelines are below. FAQs are even belower.

Send submissions to We'll be waiting.

Still have questions? Ask them at

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1 comment:

Donna Hole said...


I'm working on the review for AHL 2 and should hopefully post it on Thursday 5/5. Hopefully . .

I did post a reminder on my blog yesterday to send in submissions. I know there was some interest before the epic A-Z blog Challenge. Lets hope they are not all burned out :)