Friday, June 12, 2009

A Letter from the Publisher's Desk

Hello all,
First off I want to thank everyone who participated in the open call for submissions to our yearly anthology “An Honest Lie”, we had roughly 4000 submissions and if we had let the deadline date continue on, I dare say, we may have had another 4,000 more.
This happened in no small part because of you.
Not only with your many submissions, but your word of mouth helped us to exceed our initial projections and have a large enough body of work to create a unique anthology, with a unique purpose.
Open Heart Publishing is built upon the principles of equality, philanthropy and opportunity.
Equal pay for equal effort, equal opportunity for all participants, equally providing a stage on which to perform, equally providing new audiences with an entertaining and hopefully enlightening product, equally encouraging a spirit of joy and abundance, and above all else… equally giving the opportunity to be published for those we decide to work with.
Philanthropy is not just monetary services for charities and causes; it is oftentimes the sweat of your brow that encourages growth for these organizations. We at Open Heart Publishing, encourage this spirit of Philanthropy by building fund raising efforts within charitable organization, through a program we like to call the opportunity.
This year’s Opportunity project is going amazingly well, the kids of the Jr. Church of CSL Dallas, have created an amazing storybook album, which includes a musical score written for the story by Lisa Umbarger and Jennifer Mayes.
In honor of the book, they have also named their musical interpretation
“The Cave of Colors”
Scheduled release date Oct 2009

And Opportunity for all
Simply put means just that. We are going to be doing our best to promote you, to promote OHP, to promote, promote, promote… (Did I say promote?) Our products, that it may very well be sickening. It may be considered undignified, it may even be considered uncouth, unruly and unheard of.
So What?
We’re here. We’re wacky; we’re the new publishing paradigm so get used to it (smirk)!
We are creating opportunity for you, and we are creating opportunity for ourselves.
Point in fact, our third book which will also be out in October.
“A Children’s Book of Necromancy”
Written by: Debrin Case (yep that’s me)
Illustrations by: Darcy Melton
Scheduled release October 2009, find out more about this project here.

So without further adieu, the roster for the inaugural edition of “An Honest Lie” is as follows
Invited Guest Author: Melissa Cantrelle
Author: Germaine Shames
Author: Brittney Dillard
Author: Ilan Herman
Author: Alyssa Cooper
Author: Corina Calsing
Author: Bob Clark
Author: Victoria Joyner
Author: Jon Forisha
Author: Becky Warner
Author: Alex Francani
Author: Will Terry
Author: Eric Trant
Author: Robert Dean

Congratulations, to the winners, and to those not chosen thank you for taking the time to submit your works to us.
Our next edition opens its doors for submissions in November 2009, with a brand new wacky theme guaranteed to challenge your creativity. And I want to invite everyone that tried before, and those who have not tried just yet to be sure not to miss this opportunity when it opens up again.
So until the fall, I am sincerely wishing you all the best of success in everything you experience in your life, and a heartfelt well done to our chosen contributing authors.

Debrin Case
Publisher: Open Heart Publishing

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