Thursday, July 05, 2012

Introducing our new Editor!


After a lengthy pause here on Life at OHP, I have a new editor to introduce you to.

Please welcome, Eric Trant, our new editor! (Applause)

Eric first came to us as an author, bringing readers fabulous stories, such as, "The Apple Tree," "One Small step," "Melvin Gee’s Short Trip to Hell," and a novel, Out of the Great Black Nothing, which is based on his short story, "One Small Step." I can tell you that not only are his stories unique and intriguing, his novel, Out of the Great Black Nothing is, too. Eric will also have another short story for us in An Honest Lie, Volume 4: Petulant Parables, scheduled for release this fall.

Along with excellent writing skills, Eric is also web and blog savvy, and has great social networking skills. So expect some upgrades along the way! Check out his blog if you would like to get to know him better:

Eric will be helping Debrin and me with the editing process so we can give the new stories three separate reviews – made from three different points of view, not just one.

You might also want to make sure you clicked on the "Follow Us" button for this blog, Life at Open Heart Publishing. Eric is hard at work on bringing us some intriguing author interviews and they’ll be up shortly.

So join us in congratulating Eric, and stay tuned – same bat time, same bat channel!

ME Johnson, Senior Editor,
An Honest Lie/Open Heart Publishing

P.S. You can find Eric’s novel, Out of the Great Black Nothing, his stories in An Honest Lie Volumes 1-4, and other great books from Open Heart Publishing by going to: See you there!

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