Sunday, November 01, 2009


Vote for your favorite author today and help them win a book deal!

Every year An Honest Lie showcases new authors who are all vying for the opportunity to earn a book deal with Open Heart Publishing, and that is where your help is required. In order to win this book deal they require your votes.

Just leave a comment here on their voting portal to give them one vote, or if you are serious about helping your favorite author win this book deal then give them 500 points by purchasing a copy of An Honest Lie Vol. 1: Encouraging the Delinquency of Your Inner Child.

You can either vote and/or purchase copies directly at: This link will also provide you with story excerpts and bio info for each author.

So vote today, vote often and encourage others to vote for your favorite authors here.

Voting ends October 31st, 2010

Once again, here's that link!

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