Saturday, August 15, 2009


Author and Publisher Debrin Case invites DFW authors to take a journey of self discovery with the assistance of intuitive writing through his course, “Write Now.”

Debrin will be conducting the course in two parts,
“Understanding Yourself, Write Now,”
“Accepting Yourself, Write Now.”

Course dates are being scheduled now. All sessions for the course will be held at The Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, 4801 Spring Valley Road Dallas, TX 75244.

The course will be available through preregistration and at the door. Course fee is $30.00, covering both “Understanding Yourself, Write Now” and “Accepting Yourself, Write Now.” Preregistration is encouraged as class size is limited.

If you want to preregister, or would like to inquire on future dates for this course, please send an email to

“Understanding Yourself, Write Now”

“Understanding Yourself, Write Now” teaches methods of tapping into the deep inner truth about you as an individual through a process of simple exercises engineered towards releasing your inner scribe and allowing you a direct connection to the hidden universe that resides within us all ...
… allowing you to connect to the myths, memories, rhymes and reasons that populate our inner-world and that have a direct hand in the creation of our very lives.
Once connected you will not only be able to have direct communication with the scribe within, but also be able to pick up the proverbial quill and take an active role in the recreation of yourself through the use of a Journal as well as a Manifest.

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