Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Window is CLOSING!

Inch by inch, closer and closer, squeaking and creaking and screeching each millimeter of the the way ... are you ready?

By my watch, it’s only 10 more days until deadline! And you know what happens when deadline arrives, right? Yes! You are correct! I get one hot fudge sundae for every story I read. (mmmmm.)

Now, I know you want to polish your story up and have it looking its best before you send it off, but remember, it's the story inside that I'm looking for, not the pretty coat it's wearing. You've made it eat its veggies, put it through its daily workouts, tucked it in warm and safe every night ... and for some of you, you've even followed it to school. But deadline is almost here, and the time to make it trim and fit is coming to an end. So, pick that story up, put a bow in its hair, give it a kiss to be sweet, and tell it not to dawdle on the way.

I have my spoon ready.

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